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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ebola Virus Pictures Under Microscope

Patient tested for EBOLA virus at Royal Victoria Hospital.

The Ebola virus eruption in 2014 It’s claimed the lives of the many folks. Photos will show the atrocious symptoms.
The victims and shows us why this infection the cases of tragedy.

               Ebola Virus Pictures Under Microscope

Having already tested positive for malaria infection, a blood sample can ensure if they even have contractile Ebola hemorrhagic fever. The general public Health Agency (PHA) confirmed to the BBC that the person has been placed in isolation.

Hemorrhagic rashes all over the body

The BBC understands the patient has been within the Royal Victoria Hospital's special isolation unit since weekday It same the person recently traveled in associate degree Ebola hemorrhagic fever affected space and was being assessed and tested in accordance with a national contingency arrange. 

Last month, it absolutely was proclaimed that senior doctors in European country had been putt contingency plans in sit for a plague of Ebola hemorrhagic fever. In line with national tips, nursing employees are carrying protecting wear whereas caring for the patient.

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