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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Photos of eggs food and drink

 UK Fraud is endemic in the food and drink

Fraud is therefore widespread within the UK food and drinks trade that it prices the country the maximum amount as £11bn a year, in line with Associate in nursing atrocious new report - that additionally found that tiny quite 3 per cent of it gets detected.

People area unit siphoning off money at each stage within the offer chain, with every participant short-changing ensuing, whether or not or not it's in terms of quality or amount, by subbing ingredients, creating false claims or just stealing cash, researchers found.

The cost of this fraud is ultimately borne by the patron, causative 5p to the price of a £1 loaf of staff of life, £33p to a £6.00 bag of polished rice and 11p to a £2.00 box of half a dozen eggs. This equates to around £424 per manage each year.

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